Light up your Patio

Bright and Beautiful Patios


Ideas on lighting up the Patio. (Photo Credits)

Lighting up the Patio can mean an extra place in the house to lounge out and relax at night.

There are many ways to spruce and light it up.

The website Plant Care Today shared tips on lighting up the patio so that it can be used as an alternative dining area.

“If the table is to be under or near a roof or overhang, try using overhead floodlights in the same manner as described for general terrace lighting. These should be at least 5 feet or more above the table in housings to eliminate glare. Lightweight “bubble” units, are a pleasant method of lighting the table for evening refreshments. Hang these overhead from a porch ceiling, overhang, large tree branch, or guy wire. Two units containing bulbs of 40 to 6o watts will light most rectangular tables, while one larger unit containing a 100-watt bulb is better for round or square tables.”

Read the rest of the post here.

Patio Lighting Ideas

The website Domino also shared more lighting ideas. Temecula California  

“Is there anything better than hanging on the patio in the warm summer months? And by patio we mean your backyard, dining al fresco at your favorite restaurant, sipping wine on your tiny balcony, and any and all outdoor dinner parties you score an invite to. Fire pits and patio lights are great, but there’s something about string lights that make the scene more romantic… More summer.”

Read the rest of the post here.

Spend Less

DIY Joy meantime shared a Do-It-Yourself Patio Lighting project that will not take much from the budget.

“This is one of those rare DIYs that is really difficult to mess up. To create the cool lighting effect, you simply “charge” your lights in the sun or under a bright light bulb. The glowing colorful paint dots on your jar will glow for hours.”

Watch the instructional video here.

Patio lights are best installed by a professional licensed electrician.


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