How to Save on your Electric Bill

Ways to lower your electric consumption

save electricity

Lower your electric bill now. (Photo Credits) 

Lowering a home’s electric bill is one of the biggest aim of any household. After all, utility bills represent a large chunk of any homeowner’s monthly expenses.

Australian Website Kidspot shared that adjusting your Air Conditioner’s temperature setting can make a huge difference.

“In her post, Sue talks about switching your aircon over to the ‘dry’ or ‘dehumidify’ option, which will not only remove the humidity in the air, making the room a much more tolerable temperature, it also runs the compressor at a lower speed, which can halve the cost of your electricity bill.”

Read the rest of the post here.

Conserving electricity

Little Things for its part shared ways on how to lower electricity bills during the freezing winter months.   ElectricalGenius Temecula   

“To lower the costs of heating the home, let’s first explore ways to winter-proof rooms without breaking the bank. These hacks will hopefully help you save money on hefty electric bills this winter!”

Check out the eight tips here.

More tips

Savings and Coupons also shared hacks on lowering consumption this time for the sweltering summer months.

“Turn on the A/C Fan: Before you turn the A/C down another notch, try running the fan to circulate already cool air around your home first. After about an hour, you can go back to turning down the thermostat. It may not seem like much at first, but saving your A/C that one hour every day will really make a difference on your electricity bill later!”

See the three other tips here.

How do you lower your home electricity consumption?

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